◆ Opening ceremony

Welcoming & Congratulatory Remark

Interview video of current and former heads of KCB and contributors

Introduction of Korea Chemical Bank – Major achievements and vision

◆ Session 1. Open Platform for Translation Research

The COVID19 response at NCATS: drug repurposing libraries and the OpenData portal

PubChem: Towards improving the research data ecosystem

The Strategy of Korean Governments for Bio-Research Resources

Biocon: Unique Platform for Translation Research and Drug Discovery

◆ Session 2-1. Translation Research using Open Platform

High-throughput screening campaign identifies a small molecule agonist of the relaxin family peptide receptor 4

Creating Next-Generation ADCs with Industry-Leading DAR Precision, Plasma Stability, and Tumor-Selective Linker Payload Activation

Demonstration of KCB Integrated Data Platform

◆ Session 2-2. Translation Research using Open Platform

Artificial Intelligence for identifying novel therapeutic targets, biomarkers and drug repositioning opportunities

Hit Generation from Korea Chemical Bank Small molecule library for Drug Discovery